We focus on individualized custom care for your best friend. No two pets are the same, so every walk, sleepover, and service is unique, too.  The prices listed below are all-inclusive of any care your pets might need; we do not charge extra for medication or multiple pets.

Private Dog Walking

We offer dog walking for people when they’re on vacation, at work for long hours, or just too busy to walk their dogs themselves.

30 minutes – $18         Package of 20: $300 ($60 discount)

45 minutes – $25         Package of 20: $420 ($80 discount)

60 minutes – $30         Package of 20: $500  ($100 discount)

In-Home Pet Sitting

For people that need to leave town for work or vacation, we will visit their pets in the comfort of their home and give them personalized care.

This service includes feeding, watering, cleaning litter, giving medications, play time, bringing in mail, watering plants, and anything else to make sure your pets are well taken care of and happy.

Most cats need 1 – 2 visits/day, most dogs need 2 – 4 visits/day.

$18 per thirty-minute visit

Overnight Pet Care

For anxious pets or owners that might need much more attention, a pet sitter spends the night in our client’s homes so the pet doesn’t have to be left alone all night.

Overnight from 7pm – 7am: $75

Overnight plus midday visit: $85

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